With These 20 Backpacker Hostels In Europe, Plan A Budget Trip Like A Boss

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For someone planning a budget trip to Europe, staying in a hostel is great for saving and socializing more. Strategically located near major tourist attractions, the top backpacker hostels in Europe are havens for backpacker, budget, and solo travelers.

It is incredible to see how that the trendiest hostels in Europe make no compromise on basic amenities like comfort, free breakfast, internet and day tours, and are still cheap. If you are backpacking, they are far better than any of the budget hotels you’ve been looking for. Besides best facilities and quirky decor, they are a great place to meet and interact with like-minded travelers.

So, all in all, choosing a hostel over a hotel in Europe will be a wise decision on your budget trip to Europe. Discover the top 20 backpacker hostels in Europe with our list below, and plan your trip like a boss.

1. The Babushka Grand Hostel in Odessa, Ukraine – Hospitality that reminds you of your Grandma

Location: Malaya Arnautskaya ulitsa, 60, 16, Odessa, Odesskaya oblast, Ukraine, 65000

Tariff: INR 500 per person per night onwards

What’s special: The vintage-style interiors of this hostel are inspired by palace of an Odessa aristocrat of the 18th century.

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