Top 10 Tropical Islands for Hiking

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Love to go trekking in tropical nature? Then think outside of the sandbox to unearth terrestrial treasures and exciting active adventures on these 10 islands.


While the “Big Island” is famous for active volcano hikes, its eco-pristine sister Kauai claims more hiking trails than any other Hawaiian island. Diane Bair, co-author of Frommer’s Best Hiking Trips in Hawaii says, “Kauai’s Kalalau Trail is absolutely one of the best short hikes in the world. Soaring sea cliffs, ancient caves, hanging valleys and abundant waterfalls… it should top every hiker’s bucket list.” Also a must visit is Kauai’s Pihea Trail to Alakai – the world’s highest elevated swamp to see trees dwarfed by the constant moisture and views of Mount Waialeale dubbed “The Wettest Place on Earth.”

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