The Top 10 Hikes In Ontario

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Ontario is huge. It takes a few days just to drive across the province. So needless to say there is great diversity when it comes to the landscape – and so are the opportunities for hiking.

You can choose from epic, world-class backpacking trips to a gentle stroll in Point Pelee National Park.

Here are the top 10 hikes and/or backpacking trips in Ontario – mostly collected from personal experience.

Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula National Park

Ontario’s premier long distance trail has got to be the 800 kilometer Bruce Trail. It follows the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The 21 km section that jogs through Bruce Peninsula National Park is particularly scenic. As you hike you are treated to spectacular cliff top scenery, caves, crystal clear Caribbean coloured blue water and white stone beaches. It’s also a perfect place to visit for a short backpacking trip. In the summer, buses run to the park from Toronto on weekends.

A cliff top section of the Bruce Trail in Bruce Peninsula National Park

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