The 7 best backpacking destinations to explore on a student budget

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Pack your bags!

You know when you’re sitting in the library, drinking your fourth coffee of the day, while you work on your fourth essay of the week? No craic whatsoever.

Productive procrastination isn’t really a thing, but if you are going to put off doing work, then you might as well spend your time planning a trip that’s somewhere very far away from college.

Don’t bother with the two weeks in Ibiza. If you’re a student then you probably have the energy to expend on something a little more adventurous.

A brand new competition from Circle the social payments app, is offering to cover your student fees in full or to pay for you to go on a holiday of a lifetime. That got us thinking about where we would love to go.

Backpacking is one of the best ways to spend your summer or gap year. Away from the safety and monotony of a hotel resort, you have to think on your toes, working out where to stay on any given night and how to get from place to place.

The reward for that work is being thrust into an environment that’s completely new you. If you’ve picked a good spot then you should experience amazing scenery, new cultures and cuisines.

To give you a jumping off point, we’ve compiled a list of seven destinations that are suited to the student budget.

1. Albania

Having emerged from behind the Iron Curtain, it took some time for Albania to catch up with the rest of Europe when it comes to tourism infrastructure.

For the time being it’s a much cheaper alternative to neighbouring Greece and Italy, with a similar Mediterranean climate and equally impressive beaches. Despite its improving tourism industry, you can still find places where it feels frozen in time, with very old ways of life still intact.

Now is as good a time to go as ever because it won’t be long before the country becomes swamped with tourists. Cheap hostels are easy enough to come by with rates that vary from €9-15.

You’ll also be treated to a huge variety of food. Albania’s location has made it a melting pot of Balkan, Ottoman and Mediterranean cuisine.

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