7 Tips for Packing to Norway from a Norwegian

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Decided to travel to Norway or maybe other Nordic Countries? Congratulation! You are going to have a great time in the Nordic Countries. Still, you haven’t done the packing to Norway? Are you almost panicking? Then packing to Norway from Norwegian expert is the right blog post for you.

I will give the packing advice’s that is necessary for traveling around Norway the most convenient way.

The picture above is me in June 2017 Traveling in Northern Norway

Packing to Norway from a Norwegian Expert

Not having the right clothes or shoes is not going to break the trip in Norway, but it can be less comfortable. Let’s make it a pleasant trip and let’s do the packing to Norway right for the first time packing. In this way: Enjoying the trip in Norway and not using energy on being cold in May, because you have packed a warm jacket!

After growing up in Norway; I have picked up some tips on surviving Norway in all the seasons of the year.

4 Seasons All time of the Year!

Checklist for Packing to Norway

1. Packing to Norway means Packing for all Seasons of the Year!

If you are going to travel around in Norway, this is a real sentence. The weather in Norway is always changing, and it is not very stable. Norway is not Florida. When packing for Norway, you have to bring something from every season of the year. Wool is the best way to be ready for Norway’s weather condition.

As Norwegian says: There is no bad weather only bad clothing! 

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