5 Epic Multi-Day Hikes In Europe

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Europe has some epic multi-day hikes. Whether you’re looking for incredible scenery, dizzying heights, emerald green fields, snow-capped peaks, or even a combination of it all, chances are there’s a walk for you. Do you have what it takes to be on the trail for anything between 2 and 30 days? Then these are the hikes for you – and here’s how you can make it part of a rail trip through Europe.

Combining multi-day hikes with a Eurail Pass

A Eurail Pass can help you with this epic adventure. The starting points of most these multi-day hikes are easy to get to by train. In some cases, you might have to catch a bus to complete the last leg of the journey. If you’re combining a Eurail Pass with a multi-day hike, consider the following:

  1. Don’t activate your Eurail Pass until you’re confident that you’re ready to begin your rail journey. You’ll need to activate your pass within 11 months of the issuing date.
  2. If you intend hiking for several days, consider using your Eurail Pass either before or after the hike.
  3. Avoid purchasing a continuous pass which is valid during the course of your hike – you’ll miss out on rail travel days. A Eurail Global Pass can be a good companion to shorter multi-day hikes. It will let you get to the starting point and continue your journey afterwards.

Multi-day hikes

1. Dolomite High Route (Alta Via 1), Italy

Italy’s Dolomites are among the most revered and respected mountains in Europe. Few hiking trails get you to the heart of this natural wonder like the Dolomite High Route, or Alta Via 1. The hike will take you past historical sites, along the shores of snow-fed alpine lakes, through serene fields, and along the edge of exhilarating precipices.

Length: 80 miles / 10 days

Starting point: Dobbiaco

Pro tip: The route is busiest in August but often snow-covered from October through June. The ideal months to walk the route are July and September.

How to get there by train: There are regular trains to Dobbiaco from many nearby cities including Innsbruck, Venice, Fortezza, and Munich.

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