18 Epic Multi-Day Backpacking Trips in Canada

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Multi-day backpacking trips take time to put together.

Planning is key. In fact, if you have dreams of spending a week under the stars, carrying everything you need on your back as you trek one of Canada’s most epic trails…

…Well, start planning for next summer, today.

We’re here to help you. For starters, you need a route. Scroll down and choose one of these 18 epic multi-day trips. Some are an overnight, some are a week. (Some, even longer!)

(And scroll right to the bottom for a FREE GIFT, too!)

Stoked? Let’s get started in the West:

West Coast Trail

Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia

It’s 75 kilometres of mud, sweat and maybe even some tears. It’s also 75 kilometres of vast sand beaches, towering old-growth evergreens, raging rivers, fairy-tale-esque waterfalls and whale and wolf sightings. Welcome to the West Coast Trail—running through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island’s remote west coast, this is one of Canada’s most iconic backpacking trips. Expect to take five to seven days to complete this challenge—or half that via the new midway entry/exit point at Nitinat.

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