10 Tips for Traveling Solo in Cuba

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2. Stay in a Casa Particular

The “Casa Particular” that I stayed at in Vedado, Cuba – there are about five or six families living in the building, but mine had the entire second floor. It’s called Casa Fraga and is on Calle 11 Entre de e y f in Vedado

Casa Particulars are people’s homes that rent out rooms to travelers and tourists. Many of them house exchange students from the U.S. so are a great way to meet other people, learn about the area you’re in, how and where to go, and even can help you with translations.

Casa Particulars are also much cheaper than staying at a hotel, and usually include the option for home cooked meals! It’s a lot easier now too to find them because most big travel-finder sites list them, and even offer deals since it’s a relatively new concept!

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